What You Should Know About Writing Content for Local SEO

Local content doesn’t just mean the written word. It’s everything around you, speaking about your brand, your brick-and-mortar shop, your values, your appreciation for customers, your advantage over your competitors.

It’s the language of local businesses, and it’s essential for local dominance and success. The problem is many businesses still can’t generate high-quality content. Or if we’re really being honest, the majority of websites out there have downright awful content. It’s the same boring, fluffy, spammy stuff that doesn’t connect with the audience.

It’s about time we change that.

The Pressure of Location

Say you have an AC repair shop in Denver. You don’t need to mention “AC repair shop in Denver, CO” five times in a paragraph, or insert Denver after every word. Here’s an example of a bad paragraph lead:
Our AC repair shop in Denver, Colorado is the leading AC repair shop in Denver, CO, and surrounding areas. If you’re looking for high-quality AC repair services in Denver or areas around Denver, visit our location in Denver, Colorado. We have a comprehensive range of services and expert Denver technicians to ensure your AC in Denver will be in a great working condition in no time!

It’s not just AC repair companies. Auto dealers and lawyers also think that spamming visitors with location info still works. It doesn’t. There’s more to effective content than sprinkling the same term 20 times across the page.

Instead, do this:

Make your Unique Selling Point the center of your content.

Ask yourself, what makes you the best? What makes your product and services better than what the shop down the block offers? That’s what you’re going to write. That’s going to be the core content of your website.

Write it like you say it.

Once you’ve got it written down, read the piece out loud. If it sounds awkward or forced, change it.

Conversational content is now the hallmark of effective content. If what you wrote doesn’t sound like something you’d tell a customer in person or over the phone, change it. Full stop.

Imagine someone calling in, and you start off by saying you’re located in Denver about five times in the same breath – including the state at that. No, seriously, imagine it.

It doesn’t work for customers, and it doesn’t work for search engines. You won’t rank well for your services, or in 10 different local areas, just because they’re all listed on your home page in bullet or paragraph form.

While you do need to cover the basics (URLs, title tags, H1s, and meta descriptions) and mention your location, it won’t make a difference without unique, conversational, and logical content. In other words, content is still king.

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