What Could Help You Maximize ROI from AdWords?


Every part of a search engine results page is a battleground for your business. Your competition will be on that page, and being on the same page may not always mean you’re on an equal footing. You can level the playing field, or better yet, edge out the competition by using other digital marketing tools to boost your SEO efforts or social media profile.

Advertising on the Web

Running PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns on Google AdWords is one of your best options. It’s a good way to boost traffic to your website and give your business greater visibility. Your competition, of course, is likely to use the advertising method to attract customers, too. This makes running campaigns on AdWords less than straightforward.

So here’s where 100 percent focus plays a key role in the outcome of your PPC program. With a Denver agency’s PPC services, your business gets access to a team of professionals who have the experience and time to devote 100 percent focus on your online advertising.

You’ll need a team to manage your PPC campaigns every day, to monitor them and make adjustments to improve your ads. Monitoring and testing will help you maximize your investments toward PPC. And here are other ways to secure better ROI:

Targeting Non-Buyers

By non-buyers, we mean people who aren’t ready to buy yet and not those who may never buy your product.

Whether you’re selling a product or pitching a service, you’ll want to target phrases popular among the high-intent customers. You want the ad to result in a sale, but you’re targeting a tiny group of people who are ready to buy from you. Considering that AdWords only churn a 3.75 percent conversion rate, it’s better to introduce your ads at the start of the sales funnel.

As such, you get visits but no conversions—yet. But as long as your brand is visible on other marketing channels, you could convert them down the line. The best thing about this is that you don’t spend $50 or more on a high-intent keyword that only a few people will use. You’re looking at the wider market you have and influencing them.

Supporting Your Organic Campaign

With the right approach to PPC, your business gains visibility, making this form of advertising a complementary effort to your SEO strategy. But it’s not just because running an ad campaign will provide you a short-term traffic boost for a new service or upcoming sale.

Insights from AdWords are invaluable to keyword research. And using the same keywords across your ads, content, and other marketing efforts can help you generate organic and paid traffic that’s uniquely yours. Furthermore, PPC ads prove to Google that your website is relevant to a certain group of searchers. In return, the search engine helps your page to show up on niche searches.

A Word of Caution

One of the most effective techniques made by paying advertisers is bidding on their competitors’ keywords. It makes sense because if a customer looks at a product sold by your competition, that consumer may like your product/service, too. It could work, but also it could have unfavorable results in the long run.

There’s so much more to discover in digital marketing, especially in using AdWords. Let’s make sure your business takes advantage of this opportunity and steers clear of risks.

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