Tools to Track Your Digital Marketing Strategy

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How effective is your digital marketing strategy? Our SEO experts can report your progress and figure out where to go from there. Apart from the skills we have and the services we provide, we use several tools and web extensions to provide accurate reports and find the best possible way to improve our clients’ websites.

At Third Stage Marketing, we have a team of SEO experts with the skills, experience, and tools to create, manage, and track a successful campaign for your business website. Our SEO services help small businesses reach customers in the Denver, CO.

Google Tools

Apart from its search engine features and apps for private individuals, Google provides free tools that help digital marketers track their progress. Many tools help your digital marketing strategy, but these examples help in SEO and search engine rankings:

  • Analytics: tracks the website traffic and keyword insights that people use to reach your website.
  • Webmaster Tools: bugs, alerts, and indexing issues that could affect your website’s rankings.
  • Keyword Planner: used to create an effective keyword strategy by showing search volumes and potential competitors.
  • PageSpeed Insights: tests your loading time for desktop and mobile, a handy tool considering your website has only three seconds to load before users get impatient.

Rank Tracking Tools

In the early days of SEO, successful websites were those that had high search engine rankings. Today, it is not an indication of success on its own, especially when you consider that the end game of a business website is to get traffic or see more paying customers. It doesn’t help that Google does not like rank and keyword tracking, which is why it limits what digital marketers can see and can even ban users that it detects are repeatedly trying to do so.

Going on Google to searching your business’ rankings is not enough. Factors such as your location and the trends Google personalizes based on your searching habits may affect what comes out in the results. However, web browser plugins, desktop applications, and web-based applications can circumvent these, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

Backlink Analysis

One of our SEO services, link building, involves browsing through off-page links pointing back to your website. Think of it as off-page optimization, making sure that the links that point back to your business come from positive sources. To do this, our SEO team needs to conduct a backlink analysis.

There are several link analysis tools in the market, each with its pros and cons. Some of these tools include Google Webmaster, Open Site Explorer, and Majestic SEO. Using these tools can efficiently track all the links to your website and create feasible benchmarks to monitor your website’s progress.

These tools help provide better and accurate results for your website’s ranking and progress. However, having these tools at our disposal is not enough. Our clients cannot get the best results without our SEO experts finding the best digital marketing solutions possible.

Start ranking today with Third Stage Marketing. We offer an affordable and personalized approach for your Denver business that will help you achieve success online. Contact us today for a free audit.

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