Strategies Adhering to Regulations: SEO Marketing for Lawyers


Online marketing for law practices has visibly intensified in recent years as people opt for the privacy of looking for and contacting a lawyer through online channels. This is why the competition is stiff for SEO marketing for lawyers.

At Third Stage Marketing, we are up for the challenge of making your law practice’s website rank. We understand not only the ins and outs of SEO, but online law marketing best practices, as well. Some of them are as follows:

Keywords to Avoid

When writing copy for your website, blog, or off-page marketing, avoid using superlatives, such as best, excellent, experts, specialists, and the like. The industry sees using this type of verbiage as an improper marketing tactic. As a result, it could be used as a basis by competitors to file a lawsuit (such as the case of McLeod v. Gyr in 2014) for deceptive trade practices or false advertising. Worse still, law practices could suffer disqualification from working on a case, and a lawyer may face malpractice charges.

This rule is not exclusive in optimizing websites for law practices. Web content writers and copy editors also heed this rule when producing copy for other industries. A talented writer should be able to paint your law practice in a favorable light even without using these strong, categorical descriptions.

On-Page Strategies that Work

Websites for lawyers are rarely image-intensive, but they do need high-quality images to create an atmosphere and convey a message. Web designers often mine the creative commons for appropriate, high-quality images that don’t have restrictions and are re-usable for business purposes. This is important because inadvertently using a copyrighted image could result in copyright infringement complaints.

Leverage Your Service through Google Listing and Reviews

Last year, Google rolled out the Possum update, which increased the number of local entries that appear on the search results page. Possum considers the user’s current location and tailors the results based on that. Essentially, if someone in Colorado searches for the terms “divorce lawyer,” Google will show more law practices based in Colorado.

This is why it is necessary for lawyers to list their practices in Google My Business. This puts them on the Google map, displays their contact information, and allows clients to leave reviews. Like local listings, positive reviews can also impact a local SEO campaign.

Observe these best practices to avoid incurring penalties and legal disputes when optimizing your law practice’s website. If you feel that your current SEO efforts are not gaining enough traction, however, feel free to get in touch with us. Third Stage Marketing can perform these strategies, all the while adhering to Google page ranking rules and marketing ethics.

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