Stop Their Scrolling: Attract Real Estate Customers on Facebook


With over 2.2 billion users worldwide, Facebook is a goldmine for marketers in almost every industry. It connects not only friends but also businesses and customers. People search, compare, comment, and review products and services from various industries. As a local SEO agency in Denver, we’ve witnessed the drastic growth of this platform for doing business.

Facebook marketing, however, goes beyond counting likes and shares. As a real estate business, you have to go beyond the usual tactics (we’re talking about posting bland pictures and responding with generic answers to the comments).

Your potential customers are engaged, critical, and tech-savvy. Uninspired responses won’t work, neither would boring posts or inadequate captions. Want to capture your audience and grow leads? Third Stage Marketing shows you how it’s done.

Update Facebook Business Page

Imagine this: a customer stumbles upon your post about a property in downtown Denver. It piques their interest, so they click your business page. But your page is not managed well, so they can’t find proper information about your business. Worse, they can’t find contact details. Disappointed, they leave your page. That potential conversion went down the drain.

So, update your business page regularly. It introduces you to and connects you with customers, after all. Think about what makes your brand unique, as well. Are you the serious realtor who deals with equally serious property investors? Or the fun agent who deals with first-time homebuyers? Your brand identity should shine through in your posts.

Remember, there are 60 million active business pages on Facebook. An updated and comprehensive page helps you stand out from the rest.

Making the Most of Facebook Ads

Facebook ads populate the side columns of your audience’s feeds. Its contents are minimal: a headline, a copy, an image, and a link.

Leverage these elements if you want to grab your audience’s attention. Start with a killer headline — one that captures the essence of your real estate business. The same goes for your copy. Would you be interested in an ad that says “We sell great Denver homes”? We don’t think so, either.

More importantly, take advantage of Facebook’s superb targeting options. Remember, your customers are looking for specific properties in specific locations. Set precise location targeting for the properties you sell. Additionally, target the age range who are most likely to make a purchase, people with income that could afford your properties, and the individuals who are likely to move.

Take Advantage of Images and Videos

Physical features are one of the greatest factors your audience looks into, that’s why you have to post photos and videos regularly. We’re not referring to basic photos. Experiment with flattering angles of your properties; you’ll soon get the hang of featuring the most flattering aspects of your real estate. On top of that, ensure crisp image quality and bold colors.

Additionally, bring your page to life with videos. Prepare a short introduction to your firm — it’s a great way to entertain and inform impatient customers.

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