Shock Attack, No Effect: There Are Ways to Write Better PPC Copy


We take PPC campaigns seriously, despite it being a budget-oriented marketing strategy. Our team thinks of it as cost-efficient, as you only pay for the clicks you get, which means you can set a limit on how much you’re willing to spend.

This is why we hate when someone comes to us with a disaster of a PPC campaign. It’s either the copy has no bite or, worse, their former SEO handler abused the shock effect on creating the copy. It works, but only to an extent. And, the majority of Internet users  have an aversion to click-bait ads and copies. They’re tired of it, and most importantly, they won’t click on it. Not anymore.

Using Power Words

It’s not necessarily the shock effect, but power words are impactful, nonetheless. But we make sure these words are not misleading. “Effective,” “Free,” “Cheap,” we use these words with caution and creativity to make sure that we create potent PPC copies.

Get to the Point

Some PPC campaigns don’t have the immediacy they need to have- the campaign gets lost in a confusion of copy. To be effective, PPC copy has to be short and attention-grabbing, but some of these copies beat around the bush and play around the subject. We recognize that we have a finite space to work with when it comes to PPC copies, so we’re specific and direct. We send the message you want, period.

1st Isn’t Always the Best

PPC has a spot in SERP pages, so aiming for 1st spot isn’t always the best. You get first looks, but the chances that the reader will look at the succeeding ads are also high. We believe that if the copy is effective, it will get clicks, no matter what.

Our methods always reflect the latest and most effective techniques for PPC campaigns. We don’t take chances when it comes to maximizing the potential and making the most of our clients’ budget, whether it’s for pay-per-click or for another marketing strategy. For your PPC needs in Denver, contact us today!

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