PPC in 2017: The Post-Click Experience

Marketing has always focused on helping your business gain visibility, but in 2017, consumers have moved on. They know better now than to simply let an ad entice them, and are no more carefully exercising their freedom of choice. Given that – and the astounding amount of competition – it has become a lot harder to convince a person to buy.

Making people click, that’s the easy part of any pay-per-click campaign. We use hard metrics to put your paid ads before high-potential customers, and PPC has been proven effective in increasing awareness for your brand. But, increased awareness doesn’t always mean more profits. Therefore, PPC efforts are slightly shifting towards making the post-click experience better.

At ThirdStage Marketing, we’re proud to say we move with the times when it comes to getting the most for our customers. Our SEO team is always on the lookout for fresh ways to attract traffic and to convert that traffic – to the benefit of our clients. As customers ourselves, it’s easy to envision what a person wants when they visit a website. All that depends on the market of your choice, but you can count on us to determine what they like the most to contribute to your SEO campaign.

Having a Solid Plan

Say that someone clicked your ad, called you and is interested to know more about your company. Whoever answers that phone should be ready to provide information, anything that the customer needs. If not, that’s one lost customer and one wasted click. We know that it can be too much to ask that every click will lead to a conversion; that every online browser will become a paying customer. But with our combined efforts, we’ll be growing your business in no time.

Whether it’s your website or your feedback, customers will gauge you by what they see and by the experience you provide them. This is why you have SEO professionals like us to help you in this endeavor. Our team will put in place a system where you can serve your customer’s needs, in the best possible ways.

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