A Physical Address: An Ace For Local SEO


On September 1, 2016, Google launched yet another major update to its search algorithm: Possum. While the seven updates that preceded it focused on ranking websites based on content quality and website responsiveness, this update focuses on local SEO value.

Possum ranks search results based on the user’s current location. Businesses and establishments located nearby, therefore, are most likely to appear first in the search results. The update reinforces the importance of having a physical address in order successfully deploy an SEO strategy.

Google has long indicated how useful it will be for businesses and professionals to have a physical address. Before the launch of Possum, however, local SEO seemed like an isolated territory. Local results only appeared when search terms explicitly indicated a local search, like adding a city or country in the search query. Today, however, local results appear even when generic search keywords are used.

Physical Addresses Prove Legitimacy

The main reason Google puts so much store on physical addresses is that it proves a business entity exists. A brick-and-mortar address, confirmed through website information, directory listings, and verified listings at Google My Business, indicates that a business is legitimate and therefore valuable to search users.

Speaking of verified listings at Google My Business, these entries, along with registered businesses at Google Maps, have a higher chance of appearing on the first page of the search engine. Google listings are among the main drivers of local SEO today, in fact.

The Competition Gets Fierce

Possum also resulted in fierce competition between local SEO players in locations where many businesses thrive and compete for top rankings.

Hence, we at Third Stage Marketing have also ramped up our SEO services for businesses in Denver. We especially work well with small businesses and help them break into the local market scene. We tailor our solutions according to our clients’ needs, how intense the competition is in their respective industries, and of course, Google’s major algorithm updates.

If you want to compete with the big players in Denver, get in touch with the Third Stage Marketing team; and if you are a professional or an online business with no physical address, we can also help you. Contact us today.

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