What Makes People Click: 3 Must-Have Elements in a PPC Copy

How do you get more clicks? — A question that every Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketer struggles with on a daily basis.

While PPC ads are cost-efficient as you’ll only have to pay the publisher for every click a user makes, these ads are a real challenge to handle. For one, they blatantly appear as Internet ads — and users rarely click them for the simple reason that they don’t want to be distracted from their current online activity.  But, there are several ways to capture the attention of the users, enough to persuade them to click away from the current page they’re browsing. For starters, create a winning PPC ad copy.

Generate Urgency with Countdown Timers

Have you ever wondered why Black Friday and other limited promos work? It’s because they develop a sense of urgency in their target market, pushing the potential buyers to take advantage of the limited offer. You can generate urgency in your PPC ad copy, as well. Simply implement a countdown timer, along with your ad description. Countdown timers can raise your clickthrough rate (CTR) by as much as 32%, according to digital marketing experts.

Add Review Extensions

Google likes it when your PPC ads get a higher CTR. That’s why Google recommends using review extensions in your ad to build trust in your business. Visible rankings, awards, and reviews from credible, third-party sites in your ad can highly persuade users to click.

Use Symbols to Stand Out

When your ad is lined up against similar ads that contain similar words, you need something that can make your ad stand out. Apart from using power words, Pay-per-click service providers in Denver also found that the use of symbols is an effective way to get the user’s attention quickly. So, start including registered trademarks, percent signs, and other symbols in your ad.

Like in any other digital marketing arena, PPC advertising is a competitive field. It will help you if you know a thing or two that can make your ad have the edge over other ads.

If you want to learn more about creating a winning PPC ad, don’t hesitate to call Third Stage Marketing today.


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