A Look at Voice SEO: How Commanding Your Computer May Be the Future of Search

Voice Command

HomePod, Echo, and Home: these are the names that are making the rounds when it comes to hands-free speakers. Finally, the technology made famous by Star Trek, and long-time dream of technology savants, has come true. Such devices aren’t yet the do-all, be-all gadgets that they are in the television series, but the tech is getting there. It’s going to change how many people live in their homes and what role computers have in their lives.

For digital marketers like ourselves, it’s also going to change the game. Voice SEO, as experts call it, is one subject worth discussing. Many agencies are already struggling with the growth of AI and this should serve as a reminder to us all to stay one step ahead of the game.

We at Third Stage Marketing strive to be on the forefront of SEO, and if voice search is something you want to get into today, you can rest assured that we can offer top-level assistance.

A Big Game

As early as 2014, 55% of teenagers and 41% of adults were already using voice search. You can imagine that that number has ballooned since then, especially since voice search and personal assistants are features on smartphones. We can’t blame users. Because once you figure out how to use voice search, you will discover that it is a lot more user-friendly than using a keypad – as surprising as that sounds. People can also speak faster than they can type, and they will soon adopt the practice full-time once technology catches up to how people want to use voice search.

Therefore, businesses should pay attention. When something is as convenient and as easy to use as voice search (think, for instance, of Amazon’s Echo), its users will multiply If you get into voice SEO early, you’re opening your business to a fresh market.

At Third Stage Marketing, we strive to utilize cutting-edge techniques to get results for our customers. We’ll do our utmost to kick start your voice SEO campaign, should you so choose. If, however, traditional SEO is what you desire, we’d be happy to provide this for you, as well.

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