The Local Advantage: How to Show Up in the Google Local 3-Pack

You and your competitors all adhere to local SEO best practices. How, then, do you help your brand rise above your competition?

Leverage the Google local 3-pack.

In 2015, Google updated its algorithm so that the search results that show up in a query with a local intent contain three local businesses, as opposed to seven. This, of course, is terrible news for listings that appear in the fourth position or lower, as it would lead to fewer phone calls and visits. The idea is to appear in the first three results, especially if your competition has yet to.


Showing Up on the 3-Pack

Appearing on the 3-pack, however, is not a walk in the park. Google employs a local “filter” that may strike a business overnight, causing their listing to drop out of search results, sometimes for no apparent reason. While it may require some hard work, showing up on the 3-pack isn’t such a long shot. Here are some factors you need to check to make your way to local search pages’ top three:


Local search results now consider the physical location of both the user and your business when a search is done. The radius has been reduced significantly, and now your company can show up in search results, even if your physical store is located in the suburbs instead of a “large city.”

Google My Business

Is your Google My Business category appropriate for your business? It’s possible that you have listed too many categories, which can confuse Google as to what your specialty truly is. Limit your categories to the more specific ones and see if that would help you show up.

Physical Address

If you are in the same building as your competitors and their listing has more trust by Google, you might have a problem. List a primary category that’s different from your competitor’s if you occupy the same building.

These are some of the primary factors, but there are far more elements that can help boost your chance of landing on the 3-pack. Count on Third Stage Marketing’s SEO experts to help you cut through the clutter. We will conduct an in-depth evaluation of your brand to determine the strategy that will get you on Google local 3-pack. Our SEO company in Denver offers a wide range of capabilities to help you gain prominence in the local SEO scene.

Ask us about how we can help your business overtake the competition. Call us or fill out our form today.

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