How Reviews Impact Your Brand Campaign


Local SEO has thrived on the power of online reviews these past few years. Developments in the way we shop and browse for products and services have made reviews a critical part of people’s purchasing decisions. This drives more businesses to collect more positive reviews users can see easily, to keep their marketing and local SEO campaign engines running.

Reviews, in addition to driving traffic to your site by way of high click through rates, now appear to be integrated into search algorithms to prevail in your local area. Google even filters top search results by star ratings, only displaying those with four stars and above whenever possible.

Why do reviews carry this much weight in search?

Customer Priorities

As mentioned, reviews are critical aspects of a potential customer’s decision-making process. A 2016 survey by BrightLocal found that 91% of consumers take reviews into account when looking up products and services by local businesses. These findings confirm the belief of SEO analysts and consumers that other people’s experiences and opinions weigh greatly on the buying process.

Reviews in Relation to Local SEO

The evolution of search algorithms to incorporate reviews in search results has affected Denver businesses’ local SEO campaigns significantly. Digital marketing blogs recently published an official set of ranking factors that affect local search and, unsurprisingly, customer reviews proved most interesting. They say how Google reviews directly influence a business’ appearance in a Local 3-Pack (the top three results in local search) as well as in local organic search results.

Trends now show a massive push in businesses’ online marketing campaigns to upgrade their review strategies for the best chances of ranking high in local search results.

Equip Your Local SEO with Reviews

Today, companies are scrambling to get a share of consumer reviews (and trust) so that they will not be left behind. Businesses who are savvy enough to capitalize on this has immense potential to boost their search visibility, translating to heavier traffic and, of course, massive sales. Consult our local SEO services to give your marketing campaign the edge in local dominance.

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