How Local SEO Levels the Playing Field for SMEs vs. Big Companies


Big companies can eclipse small to medium local companies or SMEs in multiple ways. They are more financially established and have teams of professionals continually improving their products and services. They also have the means to open many stores across the country.

However, both SMEs and big companies are working on a level playing field when it comes to digital marketing. Marketing your product depends on how well your strategies play to reach potential customers. This is where SMEs are at an advantage when they use Local SEO.

How Local SEO Works

Unlike SEO and other digital marketing strategies, local SEO adds location to its keywords. Businesses using local SEO may not rank high on Google if users are looking for a general item or service, but if someone is looking for it in a specific location, they will have high rankings for that keyword.

This is useful for SMEs who only sell or offer their services to a particular area. Users are more likely to search for what they need using location, and SMEs that use local SEO is more likely to pick up Google’s algorithm, which favors local content.

Small vs. Large Businesses via Local SEO

Local SEO gives small businesses the advantage over big companies. Small companies do not have to advertise on a wide range, but only within their area. Big companies, on the other hand, have to promote themselves in a larger and more general area and do not have the same hold over a small location the same way local SMEs have.

This gives small businesses a competitive edge online. People may hear of a large business’ name or product, but when they search for a product or service, they will likely come upon the more local content being featured. According to analysts, almost 81 percent of users admit they do search for a product or service before purchasing it, so getting your customer’s attention online is very important.

Strategic SEO Solutions

While this proves advantageous to SMEs, this is not a guarantee nor does this mean it will be a fast and easy process. While you have local SEO on your side, so do your other competitor SMEs. If you are inexperienced and do not have more than a working knowledge of digital marketing, it is best to leave it to professionals who understand local SEO and can use it in your favor.

If you’re an SME and want to take advantage of local SEO, you may specify your marketing strategies to reach targeted potential customers. Your content and other digital marketing strategies can cater to people in your specific area.

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