Hotel Marketing: Digital Marketing Is Important If You’re Not the Only Hotel in the Area

The hotel industry is an interesting one. Like other industries, a hotel’s biggest competitors are the ones within its area, but unlike other industries, most of its customers live outside the area.

When someone travels to a place for business or pleasure and needs to book a hotel, he or she will likely go online to find one that suits his or her needs, especially if he’s visiting the place for the first time.

As a hotel owner, you want to be the first property these travelers see when they search on Google or other search engines. Otherwise, if you’re not on the first page of search results, potential guests may turn to your competitors.

Digital marketing helps in this aspect. With SEO services for hotels, social media platforms, and other techniques done by professional marketing service providers, hotel owners can see increased visibility online, which can result in more guests.

Local SEO

While raising a hotel’s SEO takes time, focusing on local SEO can significantly improve your visibility among competitor hotels. Unlike global SEO, local SEO includes a geographical location in its search so that it targets a specific audience. If potential guests are looking for “hotels in Denver,” for example, then Google lists hotels from that location only.

If you do not own a chain of hotels and own a smaller hotel, you can use local SEO to your advantage. Larger hotel corporations are very popular but do not usually focus on local SEO. That means they are less likely to appear on searches with locations, giving you better visibility.

According to the Forbes Council Agency, there are many methods to improve one’s rating in local SEO such as providing content, linking, and other means. However, experienced professionals should be in charge of this, since they understand jargon such as keywords, linking, or optimization and can use it in your favor.

Social Media

Another popular digital marketing technique is for you to take your business to social media platforms to increase visibility. Billions of people are present on social media, and businesses are taking advantage of this. By reaching out to target individuals, earning a positive reputation online, and being active and responsive to its audience, your hotel can gain the attention it needs to attract more guests.

However, partaking in social media requires active involvement with the target market. Social media will not be as effective without unique and personalized content. Since this requires time and active involvement, it is best to hire a digital marketing company that can do the work and provides the positive results, which includes more followers on social media and higher ratings.

To attract potential customers, hotels will need to have a positive image online and show up at the top of search engine results. If many hotels exist in your area, you need catch customers’ attention with a strong online presence, which can only be done with the help of experienced SEO companies.

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