Headless Chickens: PPC Without Management


Right now, pay-per-click (PPC) is one of the few digital marketing efforts that allows businesses to employ a direct tool for direct results. To keep it short and simple, PPC can be highly targeted, by which you have the freedom to pick out your intended market. Ads are made visible to those with the highest potential to click, and your business is able to expand its reach. Easy, right?

But, in modern marketing, the campaign becomes a lot more viable with a tracking system in place. Not just viable even, it’s critical to the success of the campaign if you’re able to track the performance of your efforts. Whether your PPC is a standalone venture or part of a holistic SEO attack, management is its most crucial cog. With a PPC expert overseeing the campaign, your PPC ads are less like headless chickens and more like homing missiles.

An Immense Potential

The nature of PPC makes it one of the tastiest marketing methods. It’s because you only pay for the clicks you get. Even if you get fewer clicks than expected, you can still gauge the where you can do better and it didn’t cost you as much as a full-blown campaign. Of course, at Third Stage Marketing, we aim for outright success – but we want to keep expectations realistic. Rather than making promises, we aim to deliver results.

In the field of digital marketing will likely become second nature to you, as you engage more and more in it.  But trusting these efforts to the experts whether it’s PPC or other aspects, will reduce the risks of a failed campaign. We’ll be able to track performance, sales data and other metrics with close attention. We have the technical expertise to ensure that your PPC campaign is on track and in line with your goals.

We hope you see the value of PPC management over letting the campaign go aimlessly. Let’s get started today! Contact us!

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