Get Your Hotel on the SEO Map


Sixty percent of all leisure travelers and 55% of business travelers use a search engine to look for their next hotel, according to Google. SEO, clearly, is more popular than ever. It’s reshaping the traveler experience on the Internet.

Your service is attractive to a wide audience; your business may be located in Denver, but a good online presence can help you market to potential guests from other parts of the state, or even the country. Your potential guests are looking for you in the SERPs, for reviews, and other indications that your hotel is the right place to stay in. If people can’t find you online, you’re missing a lot of opportunities.

Implementing strategic search engine optimization for your hotel in Denver can help guests discover your business. Before you lose out to the competition, make sure SEO is a part of your plan.

How to Start

Domain authority is an important ranking factor on search engines. If you have a lot of high-quality external links, you may have good domain authority. But most of the big name hotels typically command such authority because of their popularity, online and offline. That’s the bad news for smaller hotels.

The good news is that as a small hotel, you have room to grow your brand. You have flexibility in terms of marketing. You just need a good plan

You’ll most likely begin your SEO campaign with long-tail keywords, as the competition there is low and you can target a specific market. As your SEO campaign progresses (creating content, keyword optimization, mobile-optimized website, etc.), so will your domain authority and overall presence.

Scaling the ROI Wall

We’ve seen SEO make a positive difference to our customers. After all, a wider profile on the Internet, in this age of search, can only be good for business. With this digital marketing strategy, you can expect more traffic to your hotel’s website, giving you greater opportunities to raise your revenue.

So how do hotels that vouch for SEO’s efficiency make it work? It’s all because of maintaining an active SEO strategy, which include a well-designed website and high-quality content. Our team of digital marketing agency combines these two important factors with other methods, like PPC and social media.

Let Third Stage Marketing handle your Denver hotel’s SEO strategy. We’ll help your business improve online visibility, so you get more bookings. Get in touch today.

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