Finding the Right Keyword for Your Business


Keywords are an important factor in any digital marketing strategy that hopes to see results. Under the right keyword, businesses increase their online visibility, which converts to increased revenue. How potential customers react to your keyword also affects how search engines such as Google view your website.

Under Third Stage Marketing’s SEO services in Denver, CO, we offer effective keyword research to find the best keywords for your business. By doing so, we can effectively build a plan for you that will see long-term results. Before many of the other processes, we offer, finding that best keyword for you is the first and most important step to effective SEO. We recommend that business owners leave the research and analysis to us.

SEO and Keywords

Think about the last time you tried looking for a product or service. Like many users, your search for a phrase yields results. The top search results always offer something close to what you want. If you are new to Denver and want to look for nearby restaurants, you search “restaurants in Denver” or something similar, not necessarily an establishment’s name.

SEO experts understand this process users practice. They want to find the keyword that, when customers search, your business will be exactly what they are looking for. It has to reach the first page of search engines to see potential customers turn into paying customers since 95 percent of users never search beyond the second page. Get the wrong keyword, and if Google sees people leaving your site quickly because it is not what they are looking for, you go down the rankings and into invisibility.

Effective Strategies

Some Digital marketing agencies promise fast and effective rankings. However, Google’s algorithm takes a long time for businesses to see results that last long-term and incur no penalties. Old SEO keyword tactics have become outdated and no longer affect the algorithm. SEO experts, however, keep up with trends and understand ways to use keywords to their advantage:

Inserting Keywords into Content

Adding keywords organically into long-form content is a new trend in digital marketing. Formerly, SEO worked by inserting as many keywords into articles as possible. Today, content quality, where the keyword appears organically, is more important than seeing the same keyword in the article because the algorithm looks into variations of the phrase and words relating to it. In other words, quality over quantity.

Head Terms and Long-Tail Keywords

Instead of just one keyword, SEO experts recommend keeping multiple: a head term and a long-tail keyword. Head terms are short and simple keywords that most businesses want to focus on, while long-tail keywords are longer, related to the main term, but are also likely to be searched by users.

SEO experts find this necessary since businesses should spread their visibility over more than just one keyword. Food establishments in Denver, for example, will all try to compete for top rankings under “restaurants in Denver.” However, keywords such as “best ribs restaurant in Denver” have less competition but is also a likely keyword users will search.

These are just two examples of effective strategies – let Third Stage Marketing’s team of SEO experts show you more. Using the right keyword is important to a successful SEO strategy that sees positive results. However, as Google’s algorithm continues to update, businesses should leave their digital marketing and SEO to the experts who can provide reliable results that capture the attention of potential customers and convert this into added revenue.

We provide keyword research and analysis under its SEO services, among other tactics. Our SEO services go over every strategy to maximize your website’s potential and reach more potential customers. Contact us today to get started.

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