Facebook’s “Hidden” Invite Button: Using It to Your Advantage

Facebook’s likes are one of the best forms of social proof that are hard to come by. Likes are valuable, especially if you want your business to gain attention online. The more likes you have, the more popular the brand is. Unless you have a big budget, however, gathering a thousand likes instantly may be a pipe dream.

Did you know you can actually get them for free?

Relying on local SEO for small businesses in Denver is helpful, but applying this secret Facebook functionality on your online strategy might give you the extra edge:

Facebook’s “Hidden” Button

An article from Search Engine Journal reveals the existence of an invite button, which reaches bigger and newer audiences — beyond those who’ve already liked your page. The “secret” button, however, might be different from one account to another; the article’s writer, Larry Kim, suspects the button might be up for beta testing.

To find out if your brand’s account has access to the button, visit your Facebook page (on regular apps, not the Manager App). Click on the people engaged with your post. There will be three types of buttons:

  • Liked – users who already liked your page
  • Invite – click on this option to invite users who showed engagement to like your page
  • Invited – people who already have an invitation but still haven’t accepted

Limits Exist

The new button, however, limits the number of invitations brands can send every day. The number ranges between 500 and 1,000. Once you reach the limit, the social network will tell you. Rather than push it, give it a day or two before you start inviting again.

Facebook’s invite button also comes and goes at random times.

What Are the Results?

The new invite button can result in an acceptance rate of 15 to 20% — a very high turnout. It only makes sense, since you target people with interest on the page. Remarketing improves your chances; people not connected with your brand can still see your ads.

Once Facebook has fully developed its Invite button, brands can start biasing customers positively towards their businesses.

Want to learn how to harness Facebook’s benefits to your brand’s favor? Let our team help you out.

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