Does Curating Content Mean You’re Substituting Original Content?

If you’re a brand establishing its presence online, then one of the digital marketing strategies that you have probably prioritized are SEO, social media, and content creation. While you’re hiring writers to produce content for your social media page, you may be wondering if it’s enough, and why your competitors are posting content that isn’t solely theirs.

Well, congratulations! You’ve just encountered curated content. Those who offer SEO services in Denver will agree that curated content pieces increase your brand’s appeal to your target market.

Why It Matters

Curated content helps your brand build relationships while providing the audience with valuable information. It adds another point of view to what your original content is trying to convey, cataloging curious and interesting things about a subject relevant to the products and services you offer.

SEO-Approved Curated Content

Original content is essential to your brand, but continuously coming up with fresh ideas can be quite challenging and it just isn’t enough to reel in people. While you can grab just about every article on the internet, there are guidelines that you should be aware of when looking for quality content.

You should remember that whatever you roll out serves a purpose. It doesn’t always have to be reporting facts; it can be a series of works that weave a story or reveal a new perspective on a trend. With curated links, you can still be creative.

While duplicate content doesn’t offer any value to rankings, your audience will not waste time reading something they’ve seen before, let alone share it on their profiles.

Also, just because it’s curated, it doesn’t mean that it would get a hit with the Panda algorithm or result in negative search results. When it comes in the form of original content, it provides you with the perks of fresh content without threat. Plus, you can achieve the ranking in less time than conventional posts.

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