Pay per Click Services in Denver

Relevant keywords combined with standout creatives lead to more customers. The theory sounds simple enough, but the process takes expertise, focus, and consistency. That’s where Third Stage Marketing comes in. We are experts in managing pay-per-click (PPC) accounts for small businesses in Denver and we know what it takes to achieve your advertising objectives.

We can help you identify your target your audience, what they look for, how they look for it, and what makes them click and convert. Whether it’s your first time doing PPC in Denver or you have an existing campaign, we’ll help you maximize revenue opportunities through efficient Google AdWords management.

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Our PPC Management in Denver covers the following:

Keyword Research

Research is a key step in your campaign. What makes keywords relevant? If you don’t target the right keywords, you could be wasting a lot of work on the onset. Our job is to handle keyword research so you’re off to a good start.

Ad Creation

One of the most important things to consider in the world of advertising is sending out the right message. This is why ad creation matters. The way a copy conveys a message says just as much about your organization. A brilliant copy is a reflection of a competent company – one that cares about its audience. The audience will more or less associate an informative and creatively written ad to an organization offering products and services that are of equal value.

Account Setup

The best marketing campaigns are a result of a company with a vision and a partner with the expertise to pull it off. We believe that the success of your business is our success as well. This is why we’re going to be on top of everything involved in building your online presence. And this includes every tiny step moving forward, like setting up an account.

Landing Page Development

A landing page serves as the part of your website where visitors “take action.” We include landing page development in our digital marketing campaigns, because a landing page is a crucial part of your website.

Response forms are one example. Through pay-per-click marketing, it can be the deciding factor that’ll convert a user into a consumer.

Tracking Installation and Testing

Like any other successful marketing strategy, pay-per-click advertising in Denver demands consistency for a campaign to sustain its momentum. Tracking installation and testing plays an important part in PPC management. Conversion is possible through keyword relevance and creative ads, but it also takes technical knowhow and decades of experience in the industry to achieve real success.

When it comes to your Denver PPC campaign, trust that we’ll make the most of every opportunity for the ROI of your business. Along with Google AdWords and other management tools, we’ll also take care and install Google Analytics for the consistency needed in your online campaign.

Campaign Launch

The most successful business leaders say there’s no better time than now. Why wait for success to come to your business when the opportunity is already knocking on your front door? Let us help you build your online presence by launching a digital marketing campaign.

Given that we are living in an age of connectivity, anyone can be a potential customer. Search engine optimization, pay-per-click management, and social media marketing are the three best ways we can help your business reach the top.

Monitoring and Tracking

Through monitoring and tracking, a digital marketing campaign can continue to improve. In building online presence, it’s important that the performance of a campaign doesn’t sag after some time. A PPC advertising campaign has to be consistent with the relevance of keywords and ads. Tracking the progress of your campaign ensures that it measures up to par in efficiency.

As experienced digital marketers, we know how crucial monitoring is to pay-per-click management. Careful tracking provides us with the data we need to further improve the performance of your PPC ads. After the campaign launch, we won’t leave you to fuss over the figures and analytics – we take pride in our methodologies that are ROI-focused.

Campaign Assessment

A campaign assessment is essential in any marketing campaign. Like any other business, quality assurance is an aspect of the trade that only seeks to improve its products, services, or operations. In pay-per-click marketing, you have to be sure of the keywords and landing pages – it guarantees the efficiency of your campaign and the improvement of your ROI.

Pay-per-click management in Denver involves a slew of processes. Each and every part of the process, such as keyword research and landing page optimization, contributes to the success of the campaign. Remember that among the many benefits of PPC advertising is driving more traffic to your site and increasing profitability.

Analysis and Feedback

There will always be room for improvement in the performance of a business or an organization. Analysis and feedback address the issues that may be getting in the way of a business’ progress. In addition, it also presents recommendations.

With Third Stage Marketing, we’ll be on top of everything that concerns your digital marketing needs. This includes the continuous monitoring and analysis of your campaign. There are different factors that may affect its progress. After all, digital marketing is a creative, technical, and social challenge – which is why we provide constant and in-depth feedback.


Trust your digital marketing campaign with us. Our team of data analysts and digital strategists are dedicated to the growth and success of your business.

If you have questions regarding our PPC services in Denver, Colorado, feel free to get in touch with our experts. We don’t deliver promises, just results.




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