Creating Cutting-Edge Content: Utilizing Infographics in 2017


Success is a definite attention-grabber.  Everyone loves a winner, after all.  However, when something or someone becomes so successful, and consistently so, it is also possible that the general public will become a tad callous to their success.  If they’re so predictably good, after all, then what’s new?  But the bottom line is that their influence is undeniable.

It happens in all manners of life. In business, for instance, Bill Gates may not end up front-page tech news, as much; but journalists will still scramble their schedules to accommodate him, should he have something big to announce. LeBron James, a four-time NBA MVP, has been so good for so long, that nobody gives his undeniable legacy to basketball a second thought, for another example.

Since we’re in marketing, we’ll deal with a “successful” subject we know by heart: infographics. The use of graphs and charts was hot property a few years ago, and while other marketing methods may take center stage, everybody still relies on infographics. This kind of content has just become so important to every piece of written copy that everybody employs it, when they are looking to create effective material. If you want your copy to stand out, you’ll use infographics. These days, there are even pieces of content that are composed entirely of infographics; through and through.

So, how can you leverage this tried-and-tested success for your marketing? Here are ways we think infographics will be relevant this 2017:

Be the Credible Reference

Use infographics to build your reputation as a credible reference source, online. Magazine sites, for instance, have higher traffic than most other websites, so it would go well for you if such sites reference your site within their content. This can spike the number of visitors to your site; not to mention that the use of infographics, per se, could double your traffic. Publications and readers, alike, are more open to reading and using content with infographics.

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Downgrade the Design Experience

Your readers want facts, and through infographics, you’re already presenting them what they want in a more interactive manner. Use a simple and straightforward graphic creator, and ensure that the information is accurate and based on fact.

Minimalism Reigns

In removing the design experience and sticking to a simple presentation, you’re likely to create minimalist infographics that stand out and make for better recall. Don’t worry, because people generally prefer their clutter-free, easy to grasp visual content with an uncomplicated design.

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