Bids, Queries, and PPC: Your Next Step with the Changes


Google is never short on updates; marketers in the field are used to the search engine tweaking algorithms or announcing changes often. When the rollout of new Ad Rank thresholds occurred last May, advertisers and businesses were no longer surprised.

The news did, however, stir the interest of PPC marketers. The ongoing changes to Google AdWord may affect their current campaigns.

But what are these changes (and what does it mean for PPC in Denver)?

More About the Changes

The threshold change last May revealed that Ad Rank thresholds account for meaning of the query. The Ad Rank change is also twofold: since these ranks determine the placement of text ads, a higher rank means businesses can take the top position on search.

Recent changes will see Google taking context seriously. Relevance will play a more significant role as the search engine sorts through the different context of queries. For example, stories that come with product names matter more than product reviews. Bids will also overtake the scene as it gains more weight in terms of Ad Rank.

Ad Words will also gradually alter the specifics of the Enhanced CPC bidding strategy. PPC marketers can bid goodbye to the 30% enhanced CPC cap on location dimensions and audiences. The change results in more competition for larger advertisers, which increases current PPC spend.

What It Means

The search engine giant knows that PPC will continue to generate more revenue. According to Search Engine Journal, Google will take advantage of PPC and the recent changes to “nudge” advertisers toward “adding more display to the marketing mix.”

So what should you do?

PPC marketers need not panic at the sudden changes; in fact, consider it a challenge and continue driving the best returns for every ad spend. It’s important to keep track of updates, but never lose focus on revenue, conversions and profits—whatever your goal is.

Should you venture in the changes of PPC, do not be afraid to test new features such as the Google Display Network (GDN) and see what works for you. Still, be mindful of run-ups due to lower conversion rates.

Google might be changing the field of PPC, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything. Always look into the field, learn more about it, and see what works.

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