Back to School: Digital Summit Masterclasses on SEO and Social Media

SEO Summit

Marketing is critical, especially in the digital aspect of making your brand known. Establishing your online presence is one thing, but maintaining it is another, which is why you need to keep yourself up to date with trends in digital marketing.

Guess what? You can get the latest trends and everything else you need to know about digital marketing — in class. Digital Summit Masterclasses feature two tactical workshops focusing on SEO and social media.

Mastering Search and Social Media

The Digital Summit Masterclasses will take place in one day. Described as “highly tactical workshops,” these classes will cover an extensive range of topics with leading strategists as your instructors.

Published author and marketing strategist Mindy Weinstein presides over SEO; she will cover Google updates and the future of search, using persona data for targeting traffic, creating content strategy, maximizing mobile and voice queries, and other relevant matters. The intent here is to help you gain new techniques and approaches to improve your online visibility.

Weinstein will also go over the importance of having a technically sound website design. This may cover responsive design, which has become a standard aspect to SEO plans.

Social media strategist for Georgetown University Laura Wilson, meanwhile, takes on the task of building and maintaining social media presence. She’ll go over trends, content creation, employee engagement, micro-storytelling and influencers, visual content creation, and other relevant topics.

Wilson will also talk about how you can broadcast your content on platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

Both intensive workshops will discuss the value of measuring your digital marketing campaign’s impact.

In short, you’re likely to have one productive day with these two classes. Sure, you’ve already got a team taking care of your digital marketing. You might find a workshop unnecessary. But a masterclass doesn’t just give you advanced or new techniques. It also allows you to judge your returns on investment and determine whether your current plans will work, allowing you to make the right decisions for your business.

With technology and consumers changing the marketing landscape, a day learning about new strategies and gaining new insights could have an impact on your bottom line.

Don’t Just Catch Up with Your Digital Marketing

According to statistics provided by State of Inbound, the top five marketing challenges faced by companies today are generating traffic leads (63%); proving the ROI of their marketing efforts (40%); securing the needed budget (28%); identifying the required tech for their needs (26%); and managing their website (26%).

Because modern technologies keep evolving, SMBs are doing all they can do to catch up. Businesses are now gradually implementing digital marketing strategies to their existing marketing efforts to capture a much larger audience.

In the digital arena, digital marketing tools offer brands a chance at growth and survival.

Digital marketing, through SEO and social media, gives you an opportunity to compete and attract your target demographic.

Of course, with the changing nature of digital marketing, the techniques you learn today may not have the strongest impact in the future. Search engines, for starters, continue to refine algorithms to improve user experience and social media brands develop innovative features to meet changing consumer behavior.

So it’s important to stay current with search strategies and social media trends. Fortunately, Digital Summit doesn’t just provide masterclasses.

The Hottest Ticket in Town

The masterclasses may serve as a “warm up” to the main event: Digital Marketing Gathering. It is one of the industry’s biggest events. After its successful run last June 27 and 28, Digital Summit already set the date for its next stop in Denver, CO for July 16-18, 2018.

With various stops across the United States, this where you will meet hundreds — if not thousands — of professionals working directly with industry leading brands, learning practical solutions that they can implement for better results.

The attendees also come from a broad range of organizations, including B2B providers, tech companies, and national brands. This year, the lineup includes big names in various industries such as Ogilvy, YouTube, HubSpot, National Geographic, eBay, Nasdaq, and the Bank of America.

It will also feature a mixed bag of speakers, which should promise a diverse range of ideas and, of course, insights into different techniques. Speakers include Morgan Spurlock, award-winning filmmaker and producer, Seth Godin, Neal Patel, and Duncan Lockard of, among others.

With such big brands and thousands of digital marketing experts and influencers in attendance, it’s the hottest ticket in town. Digital marketing events like this one can give way to tremendous opportunities. In an environment where like-minded individuals engage, there are potential connections to make, deals to broker — and best of all, insights to explore and apply for your own business.

The Digital Summit Series also provides exposure, as it’s Twitter timeline reaches an average of 20 million per event, and it has an active, highly networked LinkedIn community of more than 30,000 group subscribers.

Digital Marketing Done Right

Digital marketing is more cost-effective than traditional marketing. Plus, you can easily track the results of your efforts, facilitate interaction with your audience, and generate better revenues.

Not many companies know the ins and outs of digital marketing, hence, the lack of it in their marketing strategies. Now’s the time to embrace online marketing solutions as these are crucial to your business’s growth and success.

At Third Stage Marketing, we want to help your business grow through our various results-driven digital marketing solutions. We ensure that we use the latest strategies in SEO and pay-per-click advertising.

With our team, we’ll fill the gaps in your digital marketing campaign. As we establish your online presence, we aim to achieve four goals:

  • Increase consumer base
  • Broaden market exposure
  • Increase revenue
  • Drive traffic leads

Why choose us? In the end, this isn’t about us. It’s about you and your audience. Our solutions focus on combining technical experience with the latest strategies in digital marketing, allowing us to deliver top-notch services that guarantee positive results.

Stay ahead of the game.

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