Overloading on SEO Content Could Be Bad for Your Business

Most of the time, the monthly addition of local targeted pages only serve as multiple doorways to one page. For example, you have multiple domain pages talking about the new iPhone, with each one targeting a different region or city. The pages are more likely to have the same photo and structure, save for how to purchase the iPhone in that particular city. In the end, its main purpose is to funnel users to a single page.


Headless Chickens: PPC Without Management

Right now, pay-per-click (PPC) is one of the few digital marketing efforts that allows businesses to employ a direct tool for direct results. To keep it short and simple, PPC can be highly targeted, by which you have the freedom to pick out your intended market. Ads are made visible to those with the highest potential to click, and your business is able to expand its reach. Easy, right?

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