The 3 Factors Relevant to Local SEO Domination for Your Denver Business


Google is arguably the king of search engines. It’s also the king of algorithm updates, which can become challenging for your business’s search result rankings if you’re aware of the changes. If your local business marketing in Denver isn’t up-to-date, your business is in for a tumble down the Google SERPs (search engine results pages.)

Algorithm changes prompt a shift in your approach to marketing in your neck of the woods, so you’ll stay ahead of the competition. Whether you own a small hotel or run a law firm in Denver, you need to adapt to the changes. And here are three factors that can help your local marketing plan stay effective.

1. Insert Target Keywords in Key Areas

Adding your target keywords in important areas on your website can significantly improve your link quality and SERP visibility.  Of course, you know what that means: increased visibility gets you more traffic.

You’ll want to strategically insert your keywords in these areas:

  • Title Tag
  • H1, H2, and H3 Tags
  • Main Content Body
  • Alt Attribute

2. Refrain from Using AMPs as Teaser Pages

In the months to come, Google will penalize Accelerate Mobile Pages (AMPs) masquerading as teaser pages. Why would Google do this?

Essentially, AMP technology was a way to give your searches access to full-length content. So having to click through to another page, which AMP teaser pages do, defeats that same purpose. It’s safe to say that this is for an optimum user experience,

3. Publicize Testimonials

A survey finds that 90% of customers use reviews to buy products. Reviews are also one of the most prominent ranking factors in local search, which means that you can take advantage of positive customer testimonials. Google translates good reviews as to quality, ranking your website higher even if your site has low-quality link profiles.

If your business’s website is suffering from bad reviews, invest in brand reputation management as it can mitigate further damage to your business.

Google’s changing nature will stay the same for the foreseeable future, which means that you should always be ready for the changes. Of course, if your SEO agency is well-equipped then you won’t have to worry about your rankings. But staying aware of Google’s trends is always a step in the right direction.

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